Can I die? They’re going to play together like a one night stand band


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do you ever just listen to an old song and remember all the reason why you fell in love with it

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signal boost this please




this is probably a long shot but there are close to 2000 of you following me so i’m politely asking for a signal boost rn

my friend is currently homeless and is in need of somewhere to stay

i say a long shot because she is…

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Avengersonna giveaway!
Again I know it sucks. But why not
Must be following me
You can reblog as much as you want
No like pls
Give away ends August 17
Must get over 1500 reblogs
I ship anywhere
~the stuff
Avengers assemble T-shirt size medium
Loki key chain
Captain America backpack (super size zipper)
Ironman seatbelt belt
Marvel sweater
iPhone5 case
Spiderman 3
Captain America/hulk /Wolverine/ Spiderman shoot glasses
Captain America mug

thank you ! May the odds be ever in your favor
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I just bought these shirts thinking they would fit me, but when I tried them on they didn’t…
I bought them off the site Redbubble, which is super amazing. They go off American Apparel sizing
Since I am getting a size up in these I believe I should regift them, instead of selling them. This means me and whoever wins this will have the same t-shirts…cute.

Items include:
- 1x Medium Girly fit Arctic Monkeys floral logo t-shirt
- 1x Medium Girly fit Ezra Tweets “too good for the cheap shit…” t-shirt
- New Zealand candy e.g pineapple lumps, perky nana chocolate, or whatever else I believe is great confectionery from my country.

- You can reblog as many times as you like - though your blog can’t just be a giveaway blog.
- Likes don’t count.
- You don’t have to follow me, but you can if you want.
- I will ship worldwide…so it’d probably take awhile to get from NZ to whatever country.
- Ends May 22nd 2014, 11:00 PM NZ time.

Please enter this because I’ve never done one of these before and it’ll be super cool sending this stuff to someone :)

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this blog is now dead so to follow me follow my better blog


love u 



That foot twist in the third gif tho

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this is now a mandatory reblog for Monday

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Alex Turner realises he’s the lead singer and ‘runs’ back to the mic [x]


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Biggest plot twist in Bollywood: when Lucky cut his hair in Main Hoon Na

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"If you think homosexuality is an unnatural condition, I cannot agree with you."
Kevin Rudd smashes a pastor’s views on marriage equality on Q&A [x]

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walking through school on a Friday

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